Turbine engine balancing online.

Improve engine rotor balance for jet, gas, and steam turbine and compressor blade sets. Advanced algorithms optimize turbine disc blade ordering to counteract rotor vibration caused by variations in blade weight. All easily accessible from your phone, tablet, or PC! Optimize your first 15 blade sets for free!

Start Balancing

How it works

Create a blade set, enter weights, click optimize, and you're done with a printable report! All online and accessible from any device with a modern browser. Check out our demo!


What you get

  • Easy to use with your phone or any computer.
  • Reduce assembly and balancing time.
  • Better balanced turbine engine.
  • Less balance weights.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Special blade types like locking blades.
  • Balance blade sets, bolt and nut sets, cover plates, etc.
  • Low price to save on each engine.
  • New advanced balancing technology.

Example Report